Workforce Development

Outreach, formerly known as the Employment Opportunity and Training Center, began as a workforce development agency. As community needs changed, our agency diversified to meet the changing needs of families. We continue to provide assistance to job seekers in multiple capacities.

The Outreach workforce development services recently expanded and now are available in the LEAD (Leadership, Education, and Development) Center located in the lower level with the entrance located in the front of the Outreach Center with a 7th Avenue entrance.

This expansion of workforce development and opening of a dedicated LEAD Center was made possible with funding support from the Hawk Family Foundation and the Appalachian Regional Commission.

Some of the amazing workforce development staff that work in the LEAD Center are: left to right, Jenn Shoemaker, Nicole Wendolowski, Carol McCormick, and Jane Augustine

Parents with stable employment can financially provide for their children and serve as positive role models.

Program Emphasis

This free service to the community provides advice and job search support to participants. Job seekers have access to a computer lab to search and apply for jobs online.

  • Effective Resume Writing and Interviewing Skills
  • Local Job Opportunities and Job Skills Training
  • Single-parent Employment Program

We have expanded and enhanced our workforce development program through our LEAD (Leadership, Education and Development) Center.

The Outreach LEAD Center managers are making connections in the business community to create an “employment pipeline” for job seekers. Outreach has established partnerships with over 125 regional businesses. Recently the Center expanded into the lower level space at the Center.

The LEAD Center offers expanded job search hours, and anyone from the community can come in for interview training, resume preparation, and job search and application via our computer bank.

LEAD welcomes anyone, especially men and women re-entering our community after military service or incarceration. Our re-entry specialists can help you find gainful employment.


GED tutoring and support services are also available for adults in need of their GED credential.

The Pennsylvania (PA) Department of Education reports that 13% of PA adults lack basic literacy skills and 1.2 million residents lack a high school diploma or GED. Less than 10% of the job positions in the United States will consider hiring someone that does not hold these basic credentials.

Earning a GED can bring substantial benefits, including an average increase in annual income of more than $8,000 along with greater job security (Northeastern University, 2020).

Outreach signed the Fair Chance Business Pledge in February 2021. The pledge represents a call to action for all members of the private sector to improve their communities by eliminating barriers for those with a criminal record and creating a pathway for a second chance.


We are committed to providing individuals with criminal records, including formerly incarcerated individuals, a fair chance to participate in the American economy.

A few members of the Workforce Development Team are at the LEAD Center and ready to help with your employment needs and provide some holiday spirit too!

Left to right: Nicole Wendolowski –  GED and workforce development, Jane Augustine – Programs Director, Jim McElroy – Case Manager/Instructor and Veterans services, Jenn Shoemaker –  LEAD Center Manager. Carol McCormick –  reentry, workforce, and GED programs, 

Seated: Mike Abdalla – LCP GED instructor, Travis Prince – LEAD Case Manager


Jenn Shoemaker with a Veteran participant thanking the Robert H. Spitz Foundation for the grant support.

LCP GED Instructor Mike Abdalla works with a program participant.

A participant works with Jenn Shoemaker to explore job possibilities in our workforce training center.

LEAD Center staff assists a job seeker.